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Winter onion

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Winter onions are a type of plant from the allium family that are cultivated over the winter and are also known as spring onions. They have a mild flavor and a juicy texture and are often used as a spice or vegetable. But are they also suitable for your dog? In this article, you'll find out why you shouldn't feed your four-legged friend winter onions and what you can do if he does eat some.

Why are winter onions poisonous to dogs?

Like all types of onions, winter onions contain sulphur compounds that are poisonous to dogs. These compounds can destroy your dog's red blood cells and lead to life-threatening anemia (hemolysis). Symptoms of onion poisoning include weakness, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, pale mucous membranes and dark urine.

How much winter onion is dangerous for my dog?

The amount of winter onions that is harmful to your dog depends on his weight and health. In general, however, the more onions your dog eats, the greater the risk of poisoning. Just 5 grams of onion per kilogram of body weight can lead to serious problems. This means that if your dog weighs 10 kilograms, half a winter onion can be too much.

What can I do if my dog has eaten winter onions?

If you notice or suspect that your dog has eaten winter onions, you should immediately consult a vet or call the emergency veterinary service. The vet will try to remove the poison from your dog's stomach and give him medication to support blood formation. The sooner you act, the better the chances of a full recovery.

How can I prevent my dog from eating winter onions?

To prevent your dog from eating winter onions, you should take a few precautions:

  • Keep winter onions out of your dog's reach
  • Do not give your dog food with onions or garlic
  • Do not plant winter onions in the garden or protect them with a fence
  • Make sure your dog doesn't pick up any food scraps from the street or compost heap

Winter onions are tasty and healthy for us humans, but not for our dogs. They can cause severe poisoning in dogs and, in the worst case, lead to death. You should therefore never give your dog winter onions and keep him away from them. If he does eat some, seek veterinary advice immediately.

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If you notice any signs of hypersensitivity or poisoning in your dog, you should see your vet immediately. We are not a substitute for a vet, but we try to be as accurate as possible. Every dog reacts differently and we recommend you get a second opinion or consult your vet if in doubt.

Stay healthy and take good care of your four-legged friend!😊