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Animal welfare

Welcome to our animal welfare section, which is to become the heart of our website. We love dogs and want to do something good for them. That is why we have decided to donate a large part of our advertising revenue to animal welfare. In addition, this section is and will remain 100% free!

In this section we introduce you to various animal welfare organizations that are committed to the welfare of dogs. You should be able to search here for dogs in your area that are offered by animal shelters or animal welfare organizations. We want to help you find your new best friend, ideally in your area.

Our aim is to create a platform that connects animal welfare organizations and dog lovers. We are still working on the technical implementation, but we are already very excited about the result. If you are interested in taking part in our project, you are welcome to contact us now. We look forward to any support with the planning and implementation!


How we want to benefit (financially) from this area ...

Not at all. We will never ask for money. On the contrary, we try to relieve the burden on associations and animal shelters.

How is this project financed?

So far, everything is completely self-financed. In the future, we would like to finance the self-supporting costs through discreet advertising. Any remaining income will be donated.

Are these donations available transparently?

Yes, we plan to be completely transparent and provide an overview of how much money has been transferred to which association. This way, if there are any concerns, the association can be asked whether our payment has actually been made.

Can I claim money?

No, we decide for ourselves where our donations go. However, you are welcome to draw our attention to yourself. Requests with demands will be ignored! We try to distribute everything fairly.

I am interested in listing our dogs, but don't have time to enter them...

No problem. We'll do it for you free of charge. All we need is the dog's information, as a profile, audio recording, link to your previous website, text file or photo. We try to enter everything promptly.

Can I enter and maintain this data myself?

Yes, simply create a free user account with us. Then please write to us via the contact form or by e-mail so that we can upgrade this account to an animal welfare account.

Is there an interface to automatically enter dogs from our system?

Not yet, but we can implement it if required.

Can cats or other animals also be entered?