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The website "" offers a unique combination of food advice, information about dog-friendly places and commitment to animal welfare. Here are some points that make it particularly attractive for advertisers:

  1. Targeted user base: the website is aimed specifically at dog owners, a dedicated and specific target group. This offers advertisers the opportunity to target their products and services to a passionate and clearly defined user group.
  2. Strong focus on nutritional information: By focusing on nutritional advice with ingredients and products, the website appeals to an audience that is actively interested in the health and well-being of their pets. This provides an ideal platform for pet food, supplement and related health product companies.
  3. Integration of an interactive map for dog-friendly places: The website features an interactive map that provides information on where dogs are allowed. This is a valuable resource for dog owners traveling or planning outings and provides promotional opportunities for businesses in the travel and leisure industry.
  4. Commitment to animal welfare: By supporting animal welfare and donating a large proportion of commission to animal welfare organizations, the site presents itself as ethically committed. This can attract brands that want to associate their products and services with socially responsible platforms.
  5. High technical standards and SEO optimization: With the use of the latest technologies and good positioning in search engine ranks, the website is technologically advanced and easy to find, which increases reach and visibility for advertisements.
  6. Mobile optimization and PWA: The fact that the website is optimized for mobile devices and can be installed as a Progressive Web App (PWA) without the need for an app store speaks for high usability and accessibility for a modern, mobile audience.
  7. Potential for affiliate marketing: As many visitors are already browsing the website for purchase opportunities, there is great potential for affiliate marketing. Advertisers offering purchase links or integrated e-commerce solutions could benefit from a partnership with"".

These aspects make "" an attractive platform for advertisers focusing on animal health, travel, family friendliness and social engagement.

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